This is me – a photo taken by my great friend Jess. Find her on Instagram @jess.pearce.photography

I’m Lauren, a 27 years old yogini and I have been practicing yoga for around three years. My journey began when one day I impulsively bought a mat online and just began experimenting on the mat learning and understanding my body. I grew to learn the effect my emotions – good and bad have on my physical body. As a result of practicing yoga, I am a healthier and happier.

In May 2019 I completed my Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Teacher Training course in Rishikesh, North India where yoga was born. I am trained to teach multi-style yoga which includes Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Aerial yoga.

Practicing yoga has allowed me to learn more about my mind and body and has given me the ability to understand myself. Whilst I enjoy the flexibility that I have gained as a result of practicing asasas, I enjoy the meditative and spiritual side the most. I do not practice yoga postures with the goal of doing the splits, this will come as a bonus for me one day. Instead, I practice all parts of yoga to keep me present, grateful and sincere to myself.

“The battle of yoga is with the body and with the ego. You must conquer your ego, or small self, so that you can let your soul, your big Self, be victorious”

B.K.S Iyengar
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